Molly Bo
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Connected Series
I created the Connected series for the Spoken Soul Festival
March 26-28. The event is for SWAN day (Support Women Artists Now) for more information visit http://WWW.SPOKENSOULFESTIVAL.COM.

The series combines two subjects that I most often explore through painting, clouds and America's infrastructure. Since moving to Miami in August I have been obsessed with the sky. Every type of cloud imaginable rolls it's way across the wide Miami skyline and I couldn't be happier. There is little other than slender palms to obstruct my views of the magical Miami sunsets; besides of course the power lines. So often we are irritated by, or we ignore them all together, those parts of our everyday environment that get in our way of the natural landscape. My goal is to bring those forgotten elements into focus and demonstrate how traffic signals, cones, and power lines can be beautiful.